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Custom Photography Tour (Includes up to 6 people)

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Join Bruce Getty for a Custom Photography Tour of your choosing (open to United States locations, restrictions may apply). Create your own itinerary and have up to 5 of your friends join.   If you would like a more customized workshop or desire a special location outside the immediate Bay Area, please contact me and I can build a schedule and price based on your needs. Scroll down for more details.

Designing Your Custom Tour

Starting Point

Once you purchase a session, I will email you and we will fine-tune the details of the tour to your needs. This will include getting an understanding of how best to make the day a success for you and to discuss locations, dates and transportation.

Cost/Time Breakdown

A custom photo tour is charged by the hour which is $175 or $1,200 for a full day tour. There is a 2-hour minimum and I define a full day as sunrise to sunset.

Share with up to 5 friends

We can design this to provide you with the ultimate private workshop from dawn till dusk or we can plan an amazing adventure for you and up to 5 of your friends (6 people total).


We will meet at a designated location or in some circumstances I can provide pickup and drop-off services. During the trip, I will provide the transportation from location to location. A driver will join us to make it easier to get to more locations and also provides security for our belongings in the van.

What to wear

Starting with your feet it's essential to be comfortable so bring your favorite shoes or hiking boots. Don't forget that the Bay Area is known for its micro-climates and the weather can change by the minute depending on where we go. Dressing in layers is suggested and if water motion photography is one of your choices for the day, I would expect getting wet. I recommend bringing rain gear and/or a change of clothes.

What to Expect

Photographers who are beginners

Learning the skill sets are a major part of the workshop. It is one thing to watch a video online or read the manual, but getting outside and practicing with a professional in the field is another. I will be right there with you teaching you the tools and techniques to get the best shot possible.

Topics we can cover

  • Camera settings
  • Composition fundamentals
  • Exposure guidelines
  • Use of filters
  • Scouting locations
  • Tips on weather tracking
  • Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow

Photographers who are more experienced

We will focus on the location and timing. I have lived in the Bay Area since I was a child and know countless locations and angles to shoot from. We can also explore the photography practices you aren’t as familiar with.

Ideas for other styles of photography

  • Long Exposure
  • Nightscapes
  • Water Motion
  • Creating bursts from the sun, stars and/or city lights

Final Thoughts


A photo tour is not only a great photography experience, but it is also an adventure. We will drive to many locations and to get the best views, hiking will likely be a part of the process. Remember, it is up to you and your level of endurance and agility because this tour will be tailor-made to your needs.

I want my clients to be happy with their final product, so the location and subject can be your choice or mine. When I choose, I let the weather choose for me. The clouds and the tide levels tell me all that’s needed to find the perfect scene. Often, I will have clients that prefer to wait for the best possible conditions and we keep in touch until the timing is just right.

Far Away Locations are Available

If you would like a more customized workshop or desire a special location outside the immediate Bay Area, please contact me and I can build a schedule and price based on your needs. Some examples would be Big Sur, Yosemite or the Sonoma Coast. I am flexible so if you have something in mind, contact me!

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