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Join Bruce Getty, owner of Getty Photography, Kali Weaver of Conlon Creatives, and fellow photographers for a Sunset Group Workshop. This workshop will take place at Rodeo Beach for an outdoor classroom that will take your photography skills to the next level. Next Date Sunday March 14, Scroll down for the details.

The Details

Date and Time

*Date subject to change due to Covid-19 regulations and weather.


Approximately 3 hours to include golden hour, sunset and blue hour.

Cost and Group Size

$125 per person with a maximum of up to 10 people for this workshop. The smaller group size allows for more space while shooting and gives us more opportunity to work with everyone.

Where to Meet

Once booking the workshop Bruce will e-mail you the location of where we will meet.


We will have paid staff watching vehicles throughout the course of the workshop.

What to wear

Starting with your feet it's essential to be comfortable so bring your favorite shoes or hiking boots. Don't forget that the Bay Area is known for its micro-climates and the weather can change by the minute depending on where we go. Dressing in layers is suggested and if water motion photography is one of your choices for the day, I would expect getting wet. I recommend bringing rain gear and/or a change of clothes.

Topics we will cover

  • Camera settings
  • Composition fundamentals
  • Exposure guidelines
  • Use of filters
  • Scouting locations
  • Tips on weather tracking

*** Please Take Note ***

This event will take place whether there are clouds expected or not. We will re-schedule if there is rain or unsafe weather conditions. Date subject to change due to Covid-19 regulations and restrictions.

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