Born in New York, Bruce found himself growing up in Northern California when his family moved west in the late 70s. Ever since the initial move, Bruce has called the Bay Area his home.

The Journey

Like any creative he didn't start with photography. His first passion was antiques, especially antique lighting. In 2000, Bruce opened Getty's Vintage Lighting where he would restore, hang and repair antique light fixtures. Eventually, he started handcrafting fixtures out of carved alabaster stone which allowed him to push his talents and release his creative energy.

Tough Times

No one is immune to struggle and after finding success in the lighting industry, bad decisions got the better of Bruce. He persevered and started forging a much different path. A path that would lead him to discover the world through a new lens.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

- Mark Twain


In 2010 the Nikon D7000 was released and with his father's help he was able to pair that body with a 400mm f/2.8 lens. If you ask Bruce why he chose photography to be next, he doesn't know. He just knew he wanted to get outside and slow things down. Shortly after, he discovered his niche as an avid bird and nature photographer.

Introduction to the World

In 2013, Bruce found Instagram and a community of people that liked to take pictures. He knew it was time to take things to the next level. Learn the compositions of the land, learn how to read the weather, learn how lines change as you angle your camera. This quest of learning led Bruce to Escaype, a network of photographers that revolutionized the tactics of chasing light. Combining his knowledge and experience with the wisdom of the community, he was able to fuse all of those tools together to create the magical scenes we see today.


To share the knowledge! Bruce has been on a mission to bring people to the hard to reach spots in and around San Francisco. He offers one on one photo workshops and group photo tours in the area. He has also partnered with acclaimed photographer Joseph Watrous (aka Gemini Digitized) to bring group photography tours all over the country.

Present Day

You can follow Bruce on Instagram as he scouts locations and looking for the best compositions around the world. While he continues to reside in the Bay Area you can spot him enjoying a sunset or with his students as he strives to share his experience and enjoy the beauty the world has to offer.

Special Thanks

To Christopher Albanese with Antiquario Antiques for always supporting me through the good and bad times. So many things would not be possible without your friendship.

And finally, my Father Charles Getty, who always believed in me and never hesitated to help. I will always enjoy our weekly grocery store trips and brunches.

- Bruce